Welcome, 21st Century Leaders Alumni! Since 1991, many of you have gone on to work for Fortune 500 companies, start your own businesses or non-profits, and even work for the very same companies you were introduced to as a 21st Century Leader. Whether it’s been 2, 5, or 25 years since your first experience with 21CL, there are opportunities to stay connected.

Remember learning to salsa dance, meeting your life-long friends, or introducing yourself to a professional who inspired you to pursue a rewarding career path? The 21CL Alumni Association is dedicated to reinforcing that positive impact 21CL had on you. Get involved with 21CL again, and together we can continue to inspire youth to lead! 

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Connect with us and let us know what you’re doing now! We know 21CL Alumni are doing amazing things out in the real-world, so help us share the great work you’re doing as a true 21st Century Leader.

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September 21 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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The true greatness of the 21st Century Leaders program can be found in the diversity of networking that each future leader establishes. Whether it be executives from CNN to Coca Cola or students from the opposite side of the state, entering into the program opens your world to a plethora of knowledge, experience and true leadership which will forever shape you and how you move forward.

Jevan Hutson, Cornell University Class of 2016
21st Century Leaders Program is a life-changing experience. My interactions with this program have pushed me to new heights, as an overall person. Because of 21CL, I have been more prone to help others and it has given me the extra motivation I needed to take the next step, in many of the organizations I am in and has aided me in obtaining many leadership roles.
Tariq Johnson, Georgia State University 2018
Learning to network at 16 years old definitely impacted my future. Instead of just collecting business cards like my college friends did, I was building meaningful relationships. I got a full time, corporate job immediately after graduating from college, and even though I was young, I’m sure it was because of the confidence I gained by working with professionals early on.
Brandi Harrison, Senior Production Manager, CNN
I really enjoyed participating in the summer programs, which provided excellent opportunities to build business and teamwork skills and network with influential members of the Georgia business community as well as with other motivated high school students. I believe that the program provided a great foundation for my career in teaching me the value of networking and instilling in me the importance of being a team-oriented player in the workplace.
21st Century Leaders gave me the most unique and wonderful experiences that to this day I consider my favorite. 21st Century Leaders has been the catalyst for many of the endeavors I took on my junior and senior years in high school and all four years of college. I have great comfort knowing I have them as a support system, and I know they will continue to be there for me throughout the years
Maria Flores, Tax Associate, Windham Brannon
21st Century Leaders was a life-changing experience that opened an immense amount of doors for me.”

21st Century Leaders impacted my life in several ways in high school. Because of my experience with 21st Century Leaders, I felt very comfortable with getting involved in leadership positions in college and beyond, such as serving as President of the Student Government Association at Georgia State University.

Marcus Kernizan, Consultant, Accenture