Together with our donors and partners, 21st Century Leaders (21CL) has served more than 14,000 high school students from over 250 Georgia high schools since 1991 by providing students with training, guidance, and encouragement necessary to enter college and the workforce with highly developed set of leadership skills and qualities.

Our students leave 21CL embodying our five core leadership values: passionate, resourceful, service-oriented, able to leverage diversity, and forward thinking. Our year-round youth leadership development programming provides critical tools young Georgians will need to be prepared to assume leadership positions.

Key outcomes of our programming are measured throughout the program year. In our most recently completed program year, students reported the following to 21st Century Leaders:

report an increase in their teamwork skills, critical thinking and business knowledge
take on new leadership roles in their schools, places of worship and communities
go on to attend college
hours students engaged in community service
21CL At A Glance

Our students truly reflect the state’s diversity and hail from urban and rural settings and represent a range of religious, social, economic and ethnic backgrounds. Currently, 65% of the participants are minority students, 50% face barriers to success, and 25% are moderately at-risk. By providing students the opportunity to interact and relate with peers from different backgrounds, 21st Century Leaders fosters an appreciation for diversity that is paramount for society.

Alumni of our program have gone on to work for Fortune 500 companies, start their own business or non-profits, and work for the same business leaders they met through our programs, with many accrediting much of their success to the skills, tools and opportunities they gained through 21st Century Leaders.

Summer Evaluation Reports

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2019 EarthCare
2019 Youth Media Institute
2018 SYLI@Goizueta
2018 EarthCare
2018 Youth Media Institute

Annual Reports

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