Kate Hewitt
Kate HewittExecutive Director
Kate Hewitt became Executive Director in 2018 following the retirement of the organization’s founding executive director of 29 years. Kate has served in nearly every position within the organization from marketing to program to fundraising and operations. In her role as Executive Director she is instrumental in working with the Board of Directors to develop strong, outcome-based programmatic initiatives, generate resources and create long-term strategy in support of the organization’s mission.

“Every year I’m overwhelmed with the amount of highly engaged and passionate professionals working with our organization and our students. It’s inspiring to see our students emerge into forward-thinking and ambitious leaders and to know our mission is being fulfilled. 21st Century Leaders is truly a special organization and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Nicole MeadowsProgram Manager

“I first joined 21st Century Leaders in 2005 as a rising high school junior and have been connected ever since. I love that 21CL brings together such a diverse array of volunteers and participants who together support the value of giving back and impacting their communities through their unique expressions of leadership. There’s such a wonderful model of mentorship, collaboration and education, sustained through opportunities for students to apply the knowledge they gain and activate their potential in a highly supportive group. I’ve been profoundly impacted and I am excited to continue learning from and growing with every 21st Century Leader.”

Asher JonesProgram Manager for Leadership Connect

“I joined 21st Century Leaders because as an alumnus of the program I know first hand what a great experience it is for high school students. The relationships and contacts I cultivated as a result of 21st Century Leaders have been very impactful. I am so excited to now be able to be an integral part of contributing to the development of those relationships on the other side!”

Anne GahongayireAlumni Relations Manager