By Maria Hernandez, Hapeville Charter Career Academy, Class of 2016

This morning, on June 23rd, I woke up early and excited to go to the CNN Center. My expectations were beyond met Processed with Moldivafter I came out. I never knew that I will have the opportunity to go “behind the scenes” of what it takes to get the news onto the CNN network. As we were on our tour, I got to meet many more of my fellow leaders that had similar interest and we immediately clicked.

Later we took pictures back outside in scorching heat at The Turner Mansion. However, the wait was worth it because our pictures are lovely. Afterwards we had a lunch break inside the Turner Mansion at the Turner Techwood Campus. Being able to eat where actual employees eat was a great experience. Many engaged in meetings while others had casual conversations about the latest news and events outside the job.
As soon as we finished our lunch we headed back to the Turner Photo Studio where Ms. Danette Johnson, Senior OD and Learning Consultant for Turner People Development was waiting for us to recap on our day and get us back into the spirit of things.

The highlight of today’s day was CNN panel of experts in their field, especially Carl Azuz, writer and host of CNN Student News. He was significant, other than being hilarious, he expressed the reality of things. He didn’t sugarcoat anything, he dedicated his time with us to explain the details and the pros and cons of the business. Here I am taking a selfie with Carl! Processed with Moldiv
A quote that I felt was relevant to today’s topics and what we learned about media from Carl was, “No one’s opinion matters because everyone has their own.” Meaning, stand out go above and beyond and really think about what your audience wants know, which is both sides.

More to come tomorrow ~ Maria

By William Holley, DeKalb Early College Academy, Class of 2016

On Tuesday, June 23rd of the Turner Voices Youth Media Institute (TVYMI), there were many things that we as a group learned. First of all, I would like to thank our wonderful CNN speakers for coming out today. These individuals took the time out of their day, and possibly week, to pass the torch for the future of Turner Broadcasting.


Me with my fellow leaders on the CNN Tour!

From Carl Azuz’s input on the life of a scripted anchor on CNN Student News to the interactive legal and ethic workshop story of the neice of a terrorist, there was something for everyone. The panels and seminars taught me that gifted individuals working in a single objective have the power to control the way we receive information via the media.

IMG_20150623_141332754_HDROutside of seminars, I have greatly appreciated the highly diverse community of young leaders in the program. They have taught me that no matter where you originate from, the drive to lead and make a positive difference will always bring us together.

~ William