By William Holley, DeKalb Early College Academy, Class of 2016

The second to final day of TVYMI has arrived. We began Thursday, June 25th like any other day with inspiring panels from the great people at Cartoon Network, Boomerang, and Adult Swim.

Before we got started, Danette Johnson from Turner opened the day with another amazing and interactive opening of the days plans. Shortly after that, Susan Shipley, VP Production On-Air & Print from Cartoon Network, spoke next with a seminar on the difference between Live Action and Animation. She used video examples from shows like Scooby Doo. This including a presentation on promos and the creation of shows kept all of my peers attentive and full of questions by the end.DSC_0460

After this seminar, we went throug through speed seminars involving the people behind amazing apps and graphics used on Cartoon Network through multiple platforms everyday. This was hands down my favorite part of the week as these people truly loved what they did from childhood into their adult lives. It just goes to show you that your passion as a kid or high school student can carry into a life-long career.

We then took a slight break to work on a final pitch project. As things began to wonder down, I got the opportunity to interview one of my fellow 21st Century LeadersIMG_20150626_083321671_HDR (1).

Caitlyn Bood, from Northgate High School, said she was impressed by the amount of insight and work crammed into one week. And she the amount of people she met and the connections she made was impressive.

I am proud to have been given this once in a lifetime opportunity and to then deliver this message to those who were not able to attend for one reason or another.

By Maria Hernandez, Hapeville Charter Career Academy, Class of 2016

As I write this blog post about the last full day, Thursday, June 25th, I prepare myself to say goodbye and make it the best day yet. I knew today was going to be a great day because the day was going to be dedicated to Cartoon Network and animation.
As we entered the Turner Mansion on Turner’s Techwood campus for the last time, I know that one day day I will comeback to not visit but to work here.
Today we had many panels with the Cartoon Network. However this wasn’t your usual panels, it was more like workshops. Each panel talked about different areas within Cartoon Network, like the digital team who creates apps, the animation and graphics team, and the games studio. I enjoyed the exclusives that were given into behind the scenes of how cartoons are decided and how they come out. I enjoyed the fact that we were one of the firsts to view the latest Cartoon Network App that they will launch in just a couple of weeks! So cool!
Afterwards we had a working lunch to work on our projects and gather our ideas. As we worked it was unfortunately time to wrap our thoughts and say see you later to all Turner employees and the facility. Later we continued back at Georgia Tech to work on our final presentations for Friday.
We have learned so much valuable information of teamwork, leadership and insight into Turner and we have all demonstrated it throughout the week. I feel like we especially demonstrated it on our presentations. We wrapped today with an ice cream social and by sharing our experience and advice with all of our colleagues. Overall, it was a great day wrapping up the week and I so much enjoyed my time here. I spoke with a fellow 21st Century Leader about what she learned this week.Unknown

Tehila Bengura, senior (Class of 2016) at Lovejoy High School, is from East Point, GA and currently resides in Clayton County. Here’s what she said about joining 21st Century Leaders and attending the Turner Voices Youth Media Institute.

TehilaMy decision to come to 21st Century Leaders was influenced my mom. I expected the camp to be unwelcoming and cliquish however the people were very kind and comforting.

Maria:  What’s one word you would describe this experience?

Tehila: Futuristic

Maria: What did you learn and what was your favorite part of the program?

Tehila: One should always be open to new things and to always be curious. One of my favorite parts of the program was the interactive activities with professionals and our fellow peers.

Tehila said her overall experience has changed her views and aspirations all around.