By Maria Hernandez, Hapeville Charter Career Academy, Class of 2016

We started Wednesday, June 24th off with mornings stretches, which provided me with lots of energy knowing we had a big day head, including salsa dancing. We started our activities as soon as we arrived to the Turner Studios at Techwood and began our day expressing our feelings with Ms. Danette Johnson, after her heart warming uplifting and hilarious unknowntalks we went right into our daily briefing.
Afterwards Mr. Brian Ross, Senior Director, Marketing, Strategy, & Audience Insight for TBS & TNT,  walked us through the years of how the brands of the network have changed.  He explained why branding and having a great brand impacts reputation and why it’s important to attract its audience. What I really took away is that brand is the way people perceive someone or something.
Later we had a panel for Turner Sports and watched an inspirational clip on the production of Turner Sports. This clip served as an inspirational clip almost breaking me into tears.  I have always wanted to be in the financial analysts and having someone in the video say to her career as a financial analyst for media is heartwarming.
During lunch we had the opportunity to watch TBS’s new show Clipped. We were able to look at the video in the perspective of part of the Turner team and the reasoning behind the show and why it turned out the way it did. After our screening, we took a tour of Turner Studios. Which, I can speak for 99.9% of us, was pretty awesome!! We were able to see how shows are made to fit their design studio.
Before our Leadership Dinner that night, we first  took a business etiquette class with 21CL’s Ms. Shemika. We learned how to properly set the table and how to use her utensils while eating dinner. Having taken a business etiquette class before everything was plain simple however, I still didn’t know many things that Ms. Shamika taught us.unknown
After our lesson, we went straight to our dorms to get ready for dinner we prepared and we met at the lobby like usual and since it was raining we got a little wet but we made it through to our location. Everyone looked so lovely in their professional attire and lots of pictures were taken, as well!  We met with many people from Turner and CNN and we got to connect with one another and network with them and ask as many questions as we could.
unknown[1]The night couldn’t have been wrapped up before our Salsa dancing. Last, but not least we learned how to salsa! Coming from a Hispanic heritage I knew a lot of dances but never knew how to salsa. As I learn how to salsa I felt empowered and feel like I could come out of my circle.
My take away for day is that I realized that my shyness left behind and I got to dig deep inside to see the real me. Personally I feel like today was a great success. Don’t forget as you go on through your day. Fly with the birds then soar with the eagles. Things take time, it’s all about patience. ~ Maria

By William Holley, DeKalb Early College Academy, Class of 2016

Happy hump day from TVYMI on Wednesday, June 24th! Today was an action packed day, as usual, filled with seminars, lessons, and a dance party ay the end if the day. We began with an introduction from the fun and energetic Danette Johnson from Turner.

DSC_0342We then spoke to the leaders in the entertainment portion of TBS & TNT and see how each network brand has changed over the years and continue to evolve with the changing audience. We wrapped the morning with Turner Sports and about how their news reaches the masses. Later, we watched a screening of the TBS pilot, Clipped, while speaking to TBS/TNT PR directors on their duty to spread the news about programming on Turner.


Me networking with a CNN executive!

That night we had our Leadership Dinner with over 20 executives from Turner and CNN that we got meet and dine with. Plus we had an interesting panel of vice presidents of departments within Turner, CNN and TCM. After hours of interesting seminars we learned how to salsa dance. After an exhausting day of fun and learning, the most important thing to take away is the connections we have all made with each other in merely 5 days. I have met some amazing people during this institute and wish for the best in their future endeavors.

~ William