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Servant Leadership

21CL kicked off it's #WebinarWednesday series with our first webinar in February 2015 with our host, Pat Falotico, CEO of The Robert K. Greenleaf Center. Her webinar is an introduction to Servant Leadership and how it's important for all leaders to give back.

Gifts-Based Leadership

Our monthly #WebinarWednesday series on November 2, 2016 featured host, Mark Myette on "Gifts-Based Leadership." What is “Gifts-Based” Leadership? This session discusses this subtle, yet important concept. You will learn what is gifts-based leadership, how does it differs from leadership, how to determine what are your leadership gifts, and how to map your leadership development

How Leadership Led Me to DC

In this October 2016 webinar series of 21CL’s #WebinarWednesday, "How Leadership Led Me to D.C.", our host and 21CL Alum, Gabriela Kova focuses on the importance of your environment and how to make the most of it; including the professionals you meet through 21st Century Leaders and opportunities you encounter in high school, college, work

Women in Leadership

21st Century Leaders presented it's May 2016 #WebinarWednesday on "Women in Leadership," with our host Karen Hilton on May 18, 2016. Learn form this leading professional about the opportunities and costs for women in leadership roles, when being a woman matters and when it doesn’t, and what to do next and beyond. https://vimeo.com/192011380

Campaigning Your Career

The #WebinarWednesday, "Campaigning Your Career" with our host, Congressman Tom Graves took place on Wednesday, March 16, 2016. Congressman Graves spoke to our high school students from across the state of Georgia about a career in politics, leadership and so much. https://vimeo.com/192007773

How to Gain an Internship

21CL's December 2015 #WebinarWednesday series was on "How to Gain an Internship" with our host, Crystal Davis of SHRM-Atlanta. Davis is a Business Services Recruiter for Georgia's Department of Labor and she shared her insights on what you can do to prepare yourself for applying for internships. https://vimeo.com/192018542

Up Ahead-Atlanta Beltline

21CL's November 2016 #WebinarWednesday series features Atlanta BeltLine author, Ryan Gravel on how a big idea he had in college is now changing the infrastructure and the way of life for the city of Atlanta. Originally aired on November 18th, enjoy this recorded version presented to high school students across the state of Georgia. A

Lessons for Future Leaders

21CL's September 2015 #WebinarWednesday series, "Lessons for Future Leaders" featured our host, Patrick Lynch, president of The Frontier Group. Mr. Lynch explores the challenges we all face in life of listening to that "inner voice" and choosing a career of accomplishments versus a career of meaning. Take time to watch to this great webinar! https://vimeo.com/192018848

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