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Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile

In 21CL’s Octobers 2018 webinar series, #WebinarWednesday, host Jade Michel, from RaceTrac, shares how to attract recruiters and professionals to your profile stand out from the crowd.  Watch this webinar recording on “Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile.”

Workplace Conflict Management

In 21CL's April 2018 webinar series, #WebinarWednesday, host Debra Golymbieski, from DG Workplace Solutions, LLC, shares how conflict in the workplace can lead to damaging team morale, unwise decision making, and become costly for the company if not properly handled. Check out this webinar as Debra share strategies on how to have effective workplace

Sports Medicine & Beyond

During National Youth Leadership Month (February 2018), 21CL's #WebinarWednesday series presents host Shaina Lane, former athletic trainer and now an HR consultant. Lane guides students through the realities and possibilities in the field of sports medicine, shares the lessons she learned as one passion led to another, and offers advice on how to excel

Unlocking the Business in You

In 21CL's November 2017 webinar series, #WebinarWednesday, host Christina Cummings of the City of Atlanta shares with students the basic business concepts of mapping out your business idea in an organized way. She focuses on 5 key elements needed to take a business from idea to open, including the explore issues of research and business planning, financial decisions, tax