Written by Abdullah Al-obaidi, Apalachee High School, Youth Ambassador


Remington Youngblood is not your typically 9th grader. In fact, he’s the only 9th grader in this year’s line-up for the Georgia Youth Leadership Awards. Remington, a freshman at Lambert High School is the founder for Change 4 Georgia, an organization that inspires kids to change and impact their community. The organization has raised around $1.2 million.

As a fellow GYLA winner, I had the unique opportunity to ask Remington a few questions and understand his leadership approach.

 At age 10, Remington founded Change 4 Georgia (C4G) after being unable to find volunteer opportunities, due to his young age. His 501(c)(3) status nonprofit is a multicultural, student-led organization and youth movement.  Their mission is to “inspire, connect, and foster the human spirit in young people by offering leadership and service opportunities in order to better the world we live in.”  Remington say’s his mother was a major influence in starting this non-profit as she always encouraged him to give back to the community and assist the less privileged. He wanted to appeal to her and carry on her efforts.

In 2015, Remington logged 562 certified service hours, and with the help of his thrive team, has raised over $1.2M in cash and in-kind donations to assist others in need. Remington has come a long way from his first fundraiser, where he raised $10 selling lemonade!  Since it’s inception 4 ½ years ago, the organization has grown to 122 enthusiastic and energetic members that have spent thousands of hours as community advocates. Remington say’s leadership is the feeling of seeing thirty children feeling warm in the harsh winter of Illinois. Influenced by his mother, third grade Remington aspired to assist underprivileged students in fighting the cold, curved blade of winter by donating warm coats to keep them warm. This sparked Remington’s interest in servant leadership, as he will use his privileges to consistently fuel his feelings of making someone happy regardless of how important or trivial the issue is.

C4G’s five primary areas of service are: 1. Literacy; 2. Homelessness; 3. Senior Citizens; 4. Military; and 5. Environmental.  Remington shows students that there are a variety of ways to become involved in their communities, solve a problem, and expand their view of the world.  Change 4 Georgia has inspired hundreds of adults and thousands of students. Their efforts have made a difference in the lives of thousands of people of all ages, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds, around the world!  C4G provides development and leadership opportunities by implementing multiple volunteer projects that offer a continuum of service all year long. They raise awareness, welcome ideas, provide tools, encourage action, supply resources, and teach skills, enabling young people to become part of the solution. Their goal is to empower, encourage, equip, and mobilize dedicated youth to take action and experience success, in helping to alleviate societal issues.  By partnering with parents, businesses, schools, and organizations, C4G helps youth recognize collective responsibility regarding these issues.  C4G offers opportunities for their members to be respectful, tolerant and accepting of differences, and strives to instill a lifetime commitment to serve others.  Remington aspires to be a pediatric radiology oncologist.

Support Remington and the other 19 young leaders by attending the Georgia Youth Leadership Awards on Saturday, March 5th at the College Football Hall of Fame. Purchase a ticket and help inspire youth to lead!