21st Century Leaders was founded by a group of business executives who wanted to get their companies engaged with schools and talented youth that were in need of opportunities to reach their full potential for college and career. It soon became clear that there were a lot of youth all across Georgia with extraordinary potential but also a clear lack of opportunities for those same youth to develop that potential for themselves, their schools, their communities and their future places of work. They hired me as Executive Director to lead the effort to develop programs and reach out to additional businesses. The group incorporated in 1989 in Atlanta, and launched its first summer leadership institute program in 1991 with 31 students from 9 high schools. Read more>>


Voyage Media started in Los Angeles, with their flagship publication VoyageLA.  After generating their first million page views in LA they knew their content was resonating with the community. They’ve since grown to Atlanta and a handful of other amazing cities with the help of an amazing network of friends, associates, local insiders and influencers, PR firms, local bloggers, artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and other professionals.