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Inspire Future Leaders

21st Century Leaders connects businesses and inspires communities to transform Georgia youth into tomorrow's leaders through innovative partnerships.

We solve the leadership challenges companies and communities face

21st Century Leaders is equipping and empowering young talent to lead while fostering a culture of inclusion and service.


Companies and communities thrive when empathetic leaders exist. Leadership problems can have a significant impact on the organization’s performance, culture, and overall success. 

21st Century Leaders equips students with the skills and confidence to identify their own leadership style and understand how to apply it effectively.

Career Readiness

There is a war on talent across all industries.

21st Century Leaders, along with its partners, prepares young diverse talent to enter our workforce with confidence and in-demand skills through college and career exploration and engagement with professionals. 


Everyone should feel valued, respected, understood and be able to bring their authentic self to the table. Inclusion and belonging challenges in the workplace can have a significant impact on employee morale, productivity, and overall organizational success.

21st Century Leaders shows students how to bring differences and similarities together to achieve success, while ensuring equitable access to opportunities. 

Who Our Companies
+ Communities Need

21st Century Leaders has uniquely brought together thousands of Georgia students from diverse backgrounds to learn and grow from one another while providing them with the training, guidance, and encouragement necessary to enter college and the workforce with a highly developed set of leadership values and skills. 

As the premier provider of youth leadership and development programs in the state, we offer numerous ways to connect, transform, and inspire our young leaders and develop a diverse talent pipeline through:

  • School + Summer Programming
  • Internships & Scholarships
  • Financial Support
  • Volunteer Opportunities

What Our Future Leaders Say About Us

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Our Partners

Let's Inspire Together

Let's Connect

We start with a conversation to get to know you, see where our goals and values align, and identify possibilities together.

Let's Transform

We will collaborate on a partnership and an action plan that best fits the needs of our students and your organization. Through existing programs to customized events, we tailor programming to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Let's Inspire

By partnering with 21st Century Leaders, you have the power to create life-changing moments and pathways for students that will have an immediate and lasting impact.

Making an Impact with Georgia Youth

Katherine Bryant
April 18, 2024
21CL emphasized the joy of connecting for a common goal and building relationships that can serve a community beyond oneself.
35th Anniversary - Mark Lindemann
April 11, 2024
21CL helped me develop a highly collaborative leadership style. I always solicit input from numerous stakeholders to create a cooperative work environment and help maintain engagement.
35th Anniversary -Terri Hancock (1)
April 3, 2024
21CL built my confidence to try new things and not limit myself. I was the first in my family to graduate college with a bachelor’s degree and later a master’s degree. My parents instilled in my core values of giving, but 21CL prepared me to explore new possibilities and new methods to do so.