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Leadership Summits

Leadership Summit Overview

21CL's leadership summits take place once a semester and give students the chance to further develop their leadership skills and explore a variety of careers. On a Saturday, students experience a new set of leadership workshops, networking opportunities and social activities with peers and professionals.

Leadership exCHANGE

At 21CL’s fall summit, Leadership exCHANGE, students gather to exchange ideas, perspectives, and opportunities, while developing their leadership skills, networking, and exploring careers. Students engage in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training and social justice awareness with corporate sponsors of the summit, and walk away with new points of view, career ideas, and connections to peers and professionals. 

This summit is held on a Saturday in October or November.

Leadership exCHANGE Sponsors

Goizueta Youth Leadership Summit

At 21CL’s spring summit, Goizueta Youth Leadership Summit (GYLS), students learn various layers of business and entrepreneurship skills through hands-on experiences and mentorship from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University’s student-led community service group, Goizueta Gives. Students work in teams to problem-solve together like the MBA students do, coming up with a creative business solution to a topical case study. Student groups receive coaching from MBA candidates and pitch their presentation to a panel of judges, who select a winning group at the end of the summit! 

This summit is held the first or second Saturday in February. 

GYLS Sponsors

How to Attend

Students who are part of 21st Century Leaders can register to attend both leadership summits each year. Both summits occur annually, but their topics and the activities change to make a unique experience each time.

Registration FAQs
  • All 21CL students are welcome to attend the summit experiences
  • Registration is required for each summit experience
  • Summits are often free, but may have a small registration fee. However, waivers are available to cover the registration fee for any students who need it.
  • Attendance at leadership summits includes lunch and a takeaway item.
  • Registration for the 2024 Goizueta Youth Leadership Summit is open January 9th – January 31st.

Ready for your next 21CL experience?

Register now for Goizueta Youth Leadership Institute 2024! 21CL students, complete the form below by January 31st, 2024.

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