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Join our student-led programs based in schools and communities designed to build leadership skills, explore career pathways, and enable servant leadership.

21CLubs Overview

Reach new heights at a 21st Century Leaders' Club (21CLub)! These school and community-based programs turn leadership and career pathway skills into an exciting adventure, all with a focus on servant leadership.

Student leaders in 21CLubs unleash their creativity to give back through service projects and host super fun leadership and career exploration forums. Oh, and did we mention every club gets a budget and a financial stipend for the advisor each school year? Let the leadership fun begin!

Groups of 20-25 Students

Students build connections with a core group of like-minded peers as they grow as leaders and learn together. Though leadership is more than a title, 21CLub Officer positions give students an opportunity to serve in a leadership role.

Supported by Faculty Advisor

Each 21CLub has an adult advisor to support student initiatives, create space for meetings, and holds students accountable to their opportunities to lead and serve.

Monthly Meetings

21CLub students meet regularly to plan and facilitate service projects and leadership forums, brainstorm ideas for career exploration and skill-building experiences, and to build social bonds with each other.

Plan Service Projects

Students practice servant leadership by planning service projects to address the needs of their community and school. From food drives to voter registration campaigns to STEM festivals at neighboring elementary schools, 21CLub students are making an impact!

Host Leadership Forums

21CLub students plan and host leadership forums for themselves and their peers to learn about careers, network with professionals, alumni and each other. Forums look like industry panels, mock interviews, corporate-led workshops, and more — all student-led!

Access to Online Training & Live Workshops

21CLub students receive free enrollment in Leadership Connect to further enrich their leadership development year-round. They also have access to special workshops that bring students from different 21CLubs together for training and networking, often with 21CL’s corporate partners. Past workshop topics include resume writing, financial literacy, STEM careers and job shadowing. 

Our Partners

How to Join or Start a 21CLub

If your school already has a 21CLub, you can get involved anytime during the school year. If you are interested in establishing a 21CLub at your school or community center, contact us to get started!

21CLub Involvement FAQs
  • Once established, 20-25 students meet twice a month under the guidance of an advising teacher
  • 21CLub members receive free enrollment in Leadership Connect, our online learning platform
  • 21CLubs plan 4 service projects and 2 leadership forums each school year
  • 21CL provides a $1,000 budget and teacher/advisory stipend per school year/per club!
  • Students who join a 21CLub are also joining 21st Century Leaders and have access to our additional programs and experiences year-round

What Our Students Say About 21CLubs