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Welcome to Leadership Connect, 21st Century Leaders’ online leadership training platform! 

Leadership Connect is where you will learn about your role as a leader, discover your future interests, and demonstrate your leadership abilities. It connects you to our newest online platform and all of our current live leadership training events and summer institutes! 

Throughout your high school career, you’ll be connected to a new set of courses and lessons, hands-on activities and exclusive opportunities expanding your leadership skills and career interests for the future. Leadership Connect will also allow you to track your progress, earn incentives and rewards, gain access to special experiences and internship opportunities, and solidify a spot in the interview round of our summer leadership institutes.  You’ll be one step ahead of your peers, ready to stand out among the crowd as you discover, explore, and master your LEADERSHIP TALENT. 

Online Courses

A 3-level journey of discovery, exploration, and mastery

Course Categories

Engage in 6-8 hours per semester of online lessons by discovering your basic leadership skills, exploring your career interest and corporate opportunities, and gain knowledge on elective topics!

Collect Points

Make your leadership activity online and offline count


Collect points by completing the core lessons, and earn additional points for volunteer hours, leadership roles/activities, and super bonus points for attendance at 21CL’s live training events!

Be Rewarded

Collect points and gain incentives and rewards


You can earn special experiences and celebrations, VIP access to corporate events, fast track to summer institute interviews, incentives to live training events, gift cards and more!

Earn Badges

Become digitally certified by completing lessons and activities


You will chronicle your leadership journey by showcasing your digital badges and micro-degrees that you earn from 21CL and our corporate partners!

A 3-Level Leadership Journey Throughout Your High School Career

When You Learn, YOU EARN!

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How Do I Enroll?

Student Leaders

  • Must have a desire to learn and lead
  • Must be a current high school student
  • Must be a resident of Georgia

If you answered “Yes” to all of the above, what’s next?

  • You will enroll in Leadership Connect online by clicking on the enrollment options below
  • Our annual Enrollment Fee is just $79! Sign-Up Today!

Go ahead, get started!

Enrollment is currently OPEN!!  **Enter SPECIAL30 to receive 30% off for the 2019-2020 School Year

New Student

$7900per school year
  • Annual enrollment fee for the 2019-2020 school year for all new student leaders

21CL Students

$7900per school year
  • Annual enrollment fee for 2019-2020 school year for current 21st Century Leader students.

How Will this Help Me?

21st Century Leaders’ Leadership Connect is designed to help you discover, explore, and master the seven (7) foundational leadership competencies we believe needed as a 21st Century Leader. 

These 7 leadership competencies are recognized by a Task Force of leadership and talent development professionals. All of the online lessons fall under 1 (or more) of these competencies.

  1. Communicating Effectively
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Action – Oriented
  4. Self-Development
  5. Building Effective Teams
  6. Integrity/Trust
  7. Career Ambition

To learn more about each competency and the skills you will discover and master, click here.

21CL Fills in the Gaps

Did you know that Georgia law (House Bill 187) requires high school students to choose their potential career pathway by their junior year? Don’t worry, 21st Century Leaders is here to help!

Why not discover and explore your career interests in a fun, engaging environment with other like-minded students and passionate professionals all while building your leadership skills along the way! 

Plus, Leadership Connect’s online curriculum exposes you to an online training system developed and used extensively in businesses. Not to mention you’ll receive incentives such as gift cards, tickets to sporting events, lunch or dinner with company executives, exclusive company tours and so much more! 

Sample Lesson – “Mission Possible: Personal Branding”

What Students Have to Say

Leadership Connect has allowed me to learn about my personal strengths and interests and how they relate to my career choices. I am more aware of the different occupational fields and which ones I’ll work best in!
Jordan Purcell, Arabia Mountain High School, Class of 2017
Through 21st Century Leaders, I have learned that leadership occurs not from the front, but on the streets and from the back. You have to be the change you want to see and complacency is your worst enemy!
Festus Ojo, Westlake High School, Class of 2018