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For Alumni

21st Century Leaders is a lifelong community. We're here to support and celebrate you, no matter how long it's been.

Leadership is a Journey

Do you miss having that strong community offering continuous support, meaningful connections with like-minded leaders, and passionate advocacy? Or do you just remember how incredible your time with 21CL was?

Look no further – we’re still here for you!
Alumni return year after year to give back, inspire, and lead, creating a lasting impact. 

Access to a Network

Our extensive network of alumni and corporate partners comprise leaders from executive level to entry level and community advocates across all industries and sectors. Each of them eager to connect with alumni like you.

This network is a valuable resource for mentorship, collaboration, and career opportunities for hire. We’re here to connect you, advocate for you, and help you succeed throughout the course of your career!

Being Service-Oriented

We encourage you to contribute to causes close to your heart through service, but recognize it can be hard to find those opportunities.  

As an alumni of 21CL, you bring a unique perspective that makes a meaningful impact for our current students and can sustain that impact through giving!

Continued Leadership Development

It can be challenging to find ongoing skill-building opportunities as an adult or you might feel isolated on your leadership journey.  

Explore leadership roles, drive your professional journey, and discover new pathways to personal growth and success through the 21CL alumni community.

21st Century Leaders, how do we feel? We feel good, oh we feel so good, OH!

Your journey from high school doesn’t end with 21st Century Leaders; it’s just the beginning. We invite you to stay engaged, connected, and inspired as part of our alumni community. Together, we can make a difference and shape the future.

  • Connect with industry leaders and like-minded, driven peers (other alumni!)
  • Transform our students and prepare them for the future
  • Inspire program growth and access with a donation

21CL Opportunities for Alumni

We believe in the power of alumni to shape the future and make a positive impact. Our commitment to nurturing leadership doesn't end with your program completion; it continues as you embark on your own journey.


Encourage the heart! Consider making a one-time gift or joining our Giving Circle with a monthly donation.


Model the way! Support 21st Century Leaders by volunteering and showcasing what it means to be a servant leader.


Enable others to act! Help lead the organization and its students, while also continuing to develop your own leadership skills. Work on our Summer Leadership Team, join the alumni host committee, or be selected to serve on our Alumni Board or Board of Directors.

Inspire + Network

Inspire a shared vision! Advocate for and celebrate the work we do by attending our special events and networking opportunities. From our annual Be the Inspiration Gala, Leaderboard golf outing, or school-year and summer programming, you have the power to make a difference and new connections!

What Our Alumni Say About Us

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Alumni Leading Communities + Companies

35th Anniversary -Nolie Burns
May 9, 2024
Programs like 21CL are important because they expose students to diverse experiences, people, institutions, and perspectives that they may not receive within their own community. These programs promote post-secondary readiness while creating well-rounded individuals who can take on the world with just a little more confidence than the student who did not get the same exposure.
35th Anniversary - Andrea Bern
May 1, 2024
21CL was my first exposure to any sort of leadership training. Everything that I learned and experienced during my summers as a participant and staff member helped to build my foundation for the style of leader that I have been and am today.  21CL made leadership training fun, interesting, and impactful especially as a high school student. 
35th Anniversary -Jasmine Bradley
April 25, 2024
Programs like 21CL are important because they prepare students to position themselves as leaders early enough and before they enter their careers and industries

Let's Reconnect to Inspire and Lead Together

21CL continues to inspire youth to lead, thanks to the support of a passionate network of volunteers, partners and alumni. You're part of the 21CL family - don't be a stranger, now!

Step 1: Catch Up

We know a lot has happened to you since high school and we want to hear about it. Complete the Alumni Update Form to let us know what you've been up to. We're proud of you, so let's celebrate you!

Step 3: Get Involved

There's no better way to showcase our impact than by engaging our alumni! From our students to our partners, YOU are the reason the organization keeps going. We want you to be involved by donating your talent, time, and treasure through year-round opportunities.