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Youth Ambassadors

The 21CL Youth Ambassadors are the faces and voices of the organization, representing the more than 1,700 diverse Georgia high school students of 21st Century Leaders each year. Our goal is to establish a strong foundation that cultivates future generations of leaders who can further expand our accomplishments.


21CL Youth Ambassadors are responsible for 21CL speaking engagements at leadership training events, corporate events, and fundraising events, organizing community service projects and creating meaningful opportunities to engage more 21st Century Leaders. The Youth Ambassadors serve as 21CL advocates to empower other high school students across the state to join.


The Youth Ambassadors are motivated and diverse students from across the state of Georgia who are committed to inspiring one another to lead. They represent the distinct ideas, opinions, attitudes, knowledge, and actions of exemplary leaders as a collective body. The Youth Ambassadors will design and execute special projects and contribute to live program events, under the guidance of 21CL’s Alumni Board of Directors and staff.


The Youth Ambassadors’ mission is to serve as student ambassadors for 21st Century Leaders by upholding the organization’s mission and vision through servant-leadership while creating meaningful opportunities for Georgia’s next generation of youth leaders. They strive to bring awareness to 21CL through a united voice, community service and outreach while enhancing our leadership and interpersonal skills. 

How to Apply

21CL students can apply to be a Youth Ambassador each year. Being a 21st Century Leaders Youth Ambassador means:

  • You are passionate about the mission and impact of 21CL’s programs and can articulate that passion to others
  • You are ready to take on a servant leadership role
  • You look forward to speaking at events, voicing your ideas, listening empathetically to diverse peers, and being a team player
  • You get to develop your personal and professional leadership skills by learning from peers, 21CL staff, 21CL Board of Directors, and 21CL’s Alumni Board of Directors
Application FAQs
  • Only current 21st Century Leader students are eligible to apply. (Students who served previously need to reapply each year)
  • Must complete Level 1 and Level 2 in Leadership Connect by the application deadline to be eligible
  • Application & Virtual Interview required
  • Commitment Term: September-May
  • Monthly meetings and check-ins
  • Applications open in July for the following school-year position
Ready to Apply?

The Youth Ambassador application for this school year is closed. Current 21CL students will be notified via email in late summer when the application for the next school year opens.

In the meantime, journey through Leadership Connect Levels 1 and 2 to be eligible to apply.

What Our Youth Ambassadors Say