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Leadership Connect

This cutting-edge online platform is designed to forge tomorrow's leaders today.

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

This self-paced educational adventure facilitates meaningful connections among students, their peers, and industry professionals, setting the stage for lifelong leadership excellence.

Joining 21st Century Leaders through Leadership Connect grants access to our full suite of in-person programming events and additional rewards. Powered by our partner, Rali, students gain essential social, career, and life skills while connecting with peers and professionals and earning special experiences.

Enrolling in Leadership Connect is one of the main entry points into 21st Century Leaders, and the online platform complements all our programs. It enhances in-person interactions and rewards students with special experiences and incentives. When you learn, you earn!

The Journey
Social & Emotional Intelligence
Life-Ready Skills
Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
Level 1
Students begin their leadership journey discovering the seven core leadership competencies and career exploration through interactive modules designed to unlock their leadership potential.

  • Develops self-awareness and leadership identity
  • Encourages career path exploration and clarity
  • Fosters growth in communication and interpersonal skills
  • Enhances problem-solving and team-building capabilities
  • Strengthens integrity and trust in personal and group settings
Level 2
Students explore and dive deeper into their own social and emotional intelligence, enriching their understanding of diversity and inclusion in both personal and professional realms.

  • Promotes emotional intelligence and self-regulation
  • Explores diversity and its role in leadership
  • Builds resilience and adaptability in varied situations
  • Encourages reflective practices and introspection
  • Strengthens inclusive communication and collaboration
Level 3
Students master and develop readiness for life with practical knowledge in financial literacy, health, and civic responsibility, preparing them for leadership roles in their communities and life after high school.

  • Instills financial literacy for sound decision-making
  • Emphasizes the importance of health and wellness
  • Cultivates civic engagement and community service
  • Encourages professional conduct and workplace ethics
  • Prepares for real-world application of leadership skills
Level 4
Coming Soon...Stay tuned for our Announcement!

Incentives & Rewards

Leadership Connect provides all kinds of cool incentives, rewards, and opportunities for you to connect, compete, and celebrate your leadership development.

How it Helps Students

Leadership Connect is meticulously crafted to assist students in unveiling, engaging with, and mastering the seven foundational leadership competencies vital for today's leaders. These competencies have been identified by a dedicated task force of leadership and talent development experts and are ingrained in every aspect of our program.

How it Helps Schools

Leadership Connect complements the classroom, connecting theory with practical leadership skills. It supports students to fulfill Georgia's career pathway and financial literacy requirements, turning academic concepts into actionable insights. That's why we've integrated Leadership Connect into our 21CLub program curriculum. Interested in bringing this to your school? Contact us today at!

Ready to Enroll?

We have an enrollment package for every student -- freshman to senior.

By enrolling in Leadership Connect, students automatically join 21st Century Leaders with access to all of our year-round programs and experiences. Students only have to enroll once to have access to Leadership Connect throughout their high school career.

Can't afford the enrollment?

No problem - we can help!

We believe every student should have access to high quality leadership development programs which is why all of our programs come at little to no cost. While Leadership Connect is not a fully funded program at this time, we do offer financial aid for students who need it most. Complete this form to receive next steps in enrolling!

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