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15 08, 2017

VoyageATL Magazine Recognizes 21st Century Leaders as “Atlanta’s Most Inspiring Stories”

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Meet Robert Watson of 21st Century Leaders in Decatur 21st Century Leaders was founded by a group of business executives who wanted to get their companies engaged with schools and talented youth that were in need of opportunities to reach their full potential for college and career. It soon became clear that there

9 02, 2017

Meet Jevan, 21CL Alum and Past GYLA Winner!

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Today’s action challenge in the #21Days of Leadership social media campaign is to highlight a past leader who has made a difference in your life and inspired you to become a leader. Meet 21CL alum Jevan Hutson, whose inclusive leadership has made a major difference in his community and its members! He attended SYLI (formerly

2 05, 2016

21CL student receives Gates Millennium Scholarship

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Written by Joanne Lee, Duluth High School, Class of 2016, Youth Ambassador As soon as I saw the white big envelope stuffed inside my mailbox, I could not believe my eyes. I rushed inside my house, unable to hide the excitement from my mother who started pouring tears of happiness. The day I became a Gates

22 04, 2016

Global Youth Service Day 2016

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Written by Evan Barnard, 21CL Youth Leadership Council, Johns Creek High School, Class of 2016 This past Sunday, April 17th, I led my fourth Global Youth Service Day project at the Whispering Woods Braille Trail. Established in 1988, Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) celebrates and mobilizes the millions of young people who improve their communities through service. 

20 01, 2016

Apply to 21CL – Become a Leader!

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Written by Richard Nguyen, 21CL Youth Ambassador, Morrow High School, Class of 2016 After a year of anticipation, it is finally the time that we, 21st Century Leaders, all have been patiently waiting for. The application to join 21CL and the summer leadership institutes are now finally open! For years, 21st Century Leaders has been serving this amazing state

18 01, 2016

4 Ways to Meaningfully Honor Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Written by Jessica Triche, 21CL Youth Ambassador, St. Pius X Catholic High School, Class of 2016   On January 18th, we honor a man whose unwavering courage changed our country forever. For many of my peers, it is just another day off spent having Netflix marathons. But for me, Martin Luther King, Jr. did more than just

6 01, 2016

A Judge of Leadership

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Written by Alvin Winston, II, 21CL Youth Ambassador, Drew Charter School, Class of 2017  I had the honor of interviewing a leader who I respect and admire greatly.  I had an enlightening conversation with Federal Judge Eleanor Ross to gain a deeper understanding of  how her career path lead her to be the first female African-American

16 12, 2015